My name is Windy. Product Designer, currently work remotely at a Research & Development in mental health apps based in London, MindLife UK Ltd. Previously worked at Bukalapak


The CTA buttons are more contrast now. We don’t call it as a real CTA yet, though…we’re still on going to re-arranged the content. Also the cards of Applications section previously showed all text descriptions while the lengths of text were varied. So now use toggle to hide and open the text to make it all text heights align.

Recent works

Patient Data - Personalised Mental Health App
Home page for patient assesment/quest - Uplift App

These are my recent works at MindLife UK group Ltd. We are a very small team, so the technical and development side has limitations. We use UI component library from a premium theme. However, I re-created manually the UI component on Figma when created the mockup.

The first one is Personalised Mental Health app that shows a Patient data page. The second one mockup, which shows a Home page of psychology assessment for Patient users, has not fully implemented yet, but here’s the iterations of the page. The illustrations are not mine and the project is pending while we are working on other healthcare similar projects, where one of it is basically the same app that has customised for NHS workers. This app called UpliftTrial. I also designed the website directly on the site builder

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